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General informations to the arcade tournament

A tournament is a time limited challenge where selected games can be played from selected user groups.
Within this time period, all records are stored (additionally to the normal records) to calculate the winners after the tournament has been finished.
Each game, where a user reached 1st place, counts for this winnerlist. There is also an alltime list of all tournaments.

Please note, that in some tournament the amount of plays of each game is limited. And if a played game is in more than one running tournament, the records for all of this tournaments will be stored.

The tournament overview shows you all tournaments with links to the details of each tournament.
The tournament details will show you all important informations and game records, own records, etc.
The alltime winnerlist will show a list of all tournament winners (who ist the best player in all tournaments).

If you have an idea for a tournament, please tell your board administrator who maybe will create such a tournament .